View Full Version : Help with kill streak and execution streak needed.

10-28-2012, 12:02 AM
What exactly breaks a kill streak? I'm killing lots of bad guys in the Virtual Training Short Kill Streak mission but my kill streak counter always resets and I don't know all the reasons why. I'm playing on a PC btw. Once I've Executed somebody I cannot seem to chain an execution streak either. Could somebody talk me through it? When should I start highlighting the next target, which key and mouse button I should press or not press etc.

10-28-2012, 12:46 PM
Um, I'll try to answer this, if it's not answer your question please tell me.

"Kill Streak" is like chain kill,
-You finished off someone and you instantly kill another one immediately
-Even you are being held by the guard if you suddenly break-out and chain kill another one the kill-streak still in effects (Happen to me)
-Counter-kill can be part of kill-streak

To trigger the kill-streak is quite simple, when you killing a guard, use your movement key to select next target and press the attack button, this will trigger the kill streak.

Tip : Equip with sword or knife, when you select the next target hold down your attack button instead of pressing it will trigger the double execution (kill 2 guards in 1 move)

Hope this help, if you need some video just ask

Thank you

10-30-2012, 12:09 PM
Well, I use the W S A D keys to select another target then I hit Left Mouse, but nothing unusual happens. No instant kill or anything. The fight just continues. Sometimes, the kill streak number during Virtual Training resets for no apparent reason. I'm not pressing TAB while fighting (which resets the kill streak number). Sometimes, while not doing anything differently, I have managed to chain my kills and get double kills but I cannot repeat it. My best is 96 points. And that was by accident really. I really need to know what breaks a kill chain. What resets it to zero. If I know that I should be able to avoid doing anything that resets it. As I understand it, holding Right Mouse (block) will not score chain kills. But not holding it makes me vulnerable to attacks, which break the chain anyway.

Might be a hardware problem. My mouse is playing up these days. For now I'm going back into the VR ring...