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10-27-2012, 01:26 AM
This is a topic that most people wont care about, but I for one think it is very interesting. According to the games, the assassins strive for free will and voluntary human interactions. The Templars, however wish to control humanity.

I've been browsing the web, and apparently the Assassins backed communism, or at least Lenins version, but then Joseph Stalin, a Templar, took over. Another one is that the wiki says that the Templars invented capitalism to control the people, which to many of the political left, that would sound right.

Many people confuse capitalism with corporatism, crony capitalism, crapitalism, etc. Corporatism is a system in which businesses control the government, they pay lobbyists to get politicians to pass regulations and taxes that hurt the new comers to the industry, and help the old ones stay in place. This fits in well with Abstergo Industries, because they obviously are a massive corporation that without a doubt uses politicians as puppets and fool americans into thinking that the things they do are "for your own good." In an templar letter, they said that they created capitalism, but they werent capitalist. This suggests that they use corporatism to control the people.

A capitalist system, or "Free Market" is a system in which individuals are free to pursue their own interests, make voluntary exchanges, and hold private property rights in goods and services. So, going off this, assassins should support a free market, right? I can see why they supported lenin though, his ideas had great intentions, but they were unrealistic at best.

Also, I think that Templars would control both major political parties. The democrats are supposed to be about freedom, but in reality is the government trying to controll the market, and thus controlling the people. The republicans, on the other hand, drag us into unjust conflicts and try to control our personal choices. At the same time, both parties put us into huge amounts of debt, and devalue our currency, which could be a method to control us.

This makes a lot of sense, because 3rd party candidates (or candidates with third party ideals) are ignored by the CORPORATION controlled news organizations and kept out of the presidential debates. It would make sense that the Templars wouldnt want people like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson (libertarians) to have a fair chance at the elections, so they try to silence them without killing them so as not to raise suspicions on why libertarians are being found dead.

Libertarians combine the good of both parties, they are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. They want maximum personal freedoms in a social and economical sense, with a small government that protects us and our property from foreign and domestic harm.

The assassins could also be voluntarists, which are people that believe that every human interaction should be voluntary, free of cohersion. This would make sense, because the assassins believe in free will, so they most likely are working towards a society without a government. Voluntarists believe that all government is force and meant to control us, and even a small liberatarian style government will only grow into what we have today, a bloated and corrupt system.

The assassisn also support the colonists during the american revolution, which the US government was born out of. The constitution set up a government of libertarian principles.

My conclusion: Assassins are libertarians/voluntarist, or at least have those ideals, because they work within many political systems throughout the world.

12-30-2013, 12:59 AM
Funny you say that because the developers actually said that the assassins belief is based off (or is) libertarians belief. you can hear them say that in the freedom cry dlc when they presented it.

12-30-2013, 01:01 AM
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