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10-23-2012, 09:25 AM
So I just had to chat about this topic.

Okay, so Louisiana was sold to Spain by the French. First Spanish governor was a scientist and explorer named Antonio de Ulloa, a very amicable fellow who only brought 75 soldiers to enforce his rule and never even raised the Spanish flag. However, dude didn't speak French and didn't care for the New Orleans scene, so he was automatically unpopular with the locals despite all his 'nefarious' actions being dictated by Imperial decree. Like catching smugglers. (Leave them poor smugglers alone!!) The Spanish government ignored all of his requests for financial or military support, and two years later, he was forcibly exiled by pretty much everone. It was a surprisingly bloodless rebelllion. Ulloa had kept the same administrators from the French regime, so the French citizens never lost power per se. You should look up Ulloa, he was a fascinating fellow, very much a Renaissance man who did many things that Leonardo wouls envy,

Anywho, then his replacement arrived, An Irish Catholic professional soldier named Alejandro (Formerly Alexander O'Reilly) was sent by Spain to reclaim the territory, which he did by simply inviting the five ringleaders to dinner and then arresting them. Five executions later, Louisiana is proper Spanish territory. Nobody died in the initial rebellion, only five people died in the reprisal.

So my question is, how do you turn the least bloody 'rebellion' into a hard and fast action game? There were only 75 guards in the country. Will there be a prize Aveline kills them all? Will she achieve Liberation by wagging her finger at Ulloa and escorting him to the boat? Will we turn a congenial, respectful Spanish scientist into a sneering Bond villain? Will we witness the comical inclusion of a Templar villain named Alejandro O'Reilly?

I know its only 6 days until we find out, but I really wanted to hear your thoughts on this topic.

10-23-2012, 09:35 AM
I don't know, but there was a clip shown on preview day where Aveline was dealing with Ulloa. (I don'twant to go into specifics for spoiler reasons).