View Full Version : Machinima AC3 Multiplayer competition livstream

10-17-2012, 10:45 PM
I've just finished watching this and i'm speechless, totally pissed and speechless. You are saying there is a new engine - anvil next, wrote down from scratch to improve everything and bring new possibilities but ffs why the hell i've seen exactly the same bugs which been in previous parts based upon previous engine (anvil engine)?! Network messages issues, disconnections, havoc issues (jumping dead bodies). And the worst thing: these guys found a glitch at animus core map - there is almost two weeks to launch of the game and bunch of noobs already found a glitch at map! Animations of flying characters looked as intended thing to be in the game. What does it mean?! Now will we be getting "flying templar" bonus for real flying a templar?!

I'm atheist but... MY GOD!!!! Why ubisoft is a bunch of liars?! There is nothing new, engine is not new, it is still the same engine with the same bugs, only some new features are added. That's God **** pathetic.

I already have preordered freedom edition and this time i'm sure in 99% i will not buy any another assassin's creed game. Ubisoft, this is final warning to you, i'm leaving this 1% to you to give you a chance to fix bugs which are existing since THE FIRST ASSASSIN'S CREED GAME(!!!!) (havoc issues), to fix new bugs (for example glitch at animus core map) and give to us proper support as you gave to might and magic heroes VI game by releasing many patches fixing reall bugs, problems, issues which were a pain in the customers' asses.

God ****, game is not released yet and i'm already pissed with bugs... Ubisoft, why the hell are you releasing game in beta version as final versions of a game?!

I reminded something to myself about flying glitch... It was present in acII - Ezio was able to fly in fixed position and didn't have animations with waving hands, brotherhood and revelations multiplayer - i've seen many times people flying around the map in fixed position, characters didn't have waving hands animations but now this glitch is (in "new" engine) back with added animations of waving hands. You EXTENDED OLD engine with new features, that's all. One of new features is this flying animations.