View Full Version : Is My Laptop Well Over The Minimum Requirements For Assassin's Creed III?

10-17-2012, 01:48 PM
Windows Edition - Windows 7 Home Premium Serrvice Pack 1
Combinded Memory: Local 574
Local Disk (C:) = 230
Local Disk (D:) = 344
Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT with CUDA 1GB Dedicated Graphic Card
Native Resolution: 1366 X 768 (Native)
Further Graphic Card Information: NVIDIA System Information report created on: 10/18/2012 03:43:07

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit (Service Pack 1)
DirectX version: 11.0
GPU processor: GeForce GT 520M
Driver version: 301.42
DirectX support: 11.1
CUDA Cores: 48
Core clock: 740 MHz
Shader clock: 1480 MHz
Memory clock: 800 MHz (1600 MHz data rate)
Memory interface: 64-bit
Total available graphics memory: 3829 MB
Dedicated video memory: 1023 MB DDR3
System video memory: 0 MB
Shared system memory: 2806 MB
Video BIOS version: 75.19.1C.00.04
IRQ: 16
Bus: PCI Express x16 Gen2


easyDaemonAPIU64.DLL NVIDIA Update Components
WLMerger.exe NVIDIA Update Components
daemonu.exe NVIDIA Update Components
ComUpdatus.exe NVIDIA Update Components
NvUpdtr.dll NVIDIA Update Components
NvUpdt.dll NVIDIA Update Components
nvui.dll NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
nvxdsync.exe NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
nvxdplcy.dll NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
nvxdbat.dll NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
nvxdapix.dll NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
NVCPL.DLL NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
nvCplUIR.dll 4.4.730.0 NVIDIA Control Panel
nvCplUI.exe 4.4.730.0 NVIDIA Control Panel
nvWSSR.dll NVIDIA Workstation Server
nvWSS.dll NVIDIA Workstation Server
nvViTvSR.dll NVIDIA Video Server
nvViTvS.dll NVIDIA Video Server
nvDispSR.dll NVIDIA Display Server
NVMCTRAY.DLL NVIDIA Media Center Library
nvDispS.dll NVIDIA Display Server
PhysX 09.12.0213 NVIDIA PhysX
nvGameSR.dll NVIDIA 3D Settings Server
nvGameS.dll NVIDIA 3D Settings Server
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @2.30GHZ
Installed memory (RAM): 6.00 GB
System type: 64-bit Operating System

10-18-2012, 02:02 AM
I'm just estimating here, but on the lowest settings, you could get 60FPS, but I don't know what the spec for AC3 are.

on a side note, you don't need that much info,

10-18-2012, 08:46 AM


10-18-2012, 11:47 AM
i checked it out yesterday it surpasses all minimum requirements with flying colors but on recommended it, i have only one problem and its my video card. it exactly matches what they recommend but no higher and it still doesn't pass it but does that mean i can play it on high settings? here are some pics.

Minimum: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mmwu6ot1twbg662

Recommended: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?nerrem9emteietp

please tell me if it work it will really help me a lot and relief some stress that i have about the new game it will be very much appreciated if you can help me :).

10-18-2012, 11:58 AM
If the individual stats match, it'll probably be fine. Can You Run It, does sometimes fail thing on the model number alone.

10-18-2012, 07:14 PM
Alright thanks for the feedback if anyone else has an opinion please feel free to share it with a quick reply if you'd like hopefully to put me further at ease with the pre-order of the assassin's creed III deluxe i made on ubishop? would anyone happen to know if on the date of the release it will be like the normal ac3 on uplay but with extra content then normal version that i can register on uplay, can i register ac3 deluxe on uplay like the normal version i guess to put that in a short sentence in case any of you might be confused.

Thanks Again! :D.