View Full Version : Founding Fathers, Secret Societies, and the Iroqouis (Possible Spoilers)

10-12-2012, 03:10 AM
You may have heard some of this before, but I just had to bring this stuff up.

1.John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Frankling all wrote about how they were influenced by the Iroqouis League (Which inclided the Mohawk) and their Law of Peace. They were so impressed with NativeAmerican government, they borrowed the League insignia of an eagle atop a tall pine tree. (hint hint)

2. George Washngton, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, Paul Revere, and a few others were members of the Freemasons. Many Freemasons claim their society is descended from the Knights Templar, who thenmselves were supposedly heavily influenced by Assassin thought during the Crusades. Between nine and fifty signers of the Constitution were Freemasons, depending on what you consider a Freemason. There's a distinction between hanging out in the lodge and actually being accepted.

3. A few Founding Fathers were accused of being a members of the Illuminati and Rosicrucians, but this was never confimed by the Founding Fathers in question like the above.

4. Supposedly, there were quite a few Native American Freemsasons. There are several stories where a Freemason was on the verge of being murdered by savages when suddenly, the wayfarer would produce a secret sign and lo, he'd discover a brother Mason amongst his attackers.

Anywho, there's more linking Native Americans with Freemasons, but after a while, it goes from unusual factoids to conspiracy trashtalk, which I shall leave to the writers. Can't wait to see how much the devs borrowed from these tidbits of history.

10-12-2012, 12:51 PM
​one truism, i guess, is that history is written by the victors. history (and fiction) is full of good people doing bad things for a good result. others take money to support one side or the other.. but usually, the other side is made up of the same kinds of people. the Templars, to be specific, have mostly been depicted as being on the "good" side of things, i'm just a little surprised to see the Templars on the evil side of this AC story/fiction. it doesnt bother me or make me dwell too long on it, because it is a good, satisfying story, but it could just as well been the Freemasons or Illuminati in that role. one thing through, the whole story so far has had the assassination targets sincerely stating that their actions were for a greater good and purpose.

even present theories have mostly secretive "organizations" manipulating the political and financial world to guide national and international events for a larger result.

on an unrelated note, i turned the TV on this morning, to the Weather Channel, and immediately saw some video about some increased solar flare activity...any guesses what that made me think on and have a chuckle?