View Full Version : [Necropolis] Nergal's Rain of Shadow

10-10-2012, 10:05 PM
This is my favorite deck. The deck mostly uses strong AoE in combination with Lifeleech. U can alter events or slow/dispel and the 4 ghouls like you want. The deck is very flexible, and allows u to easy adap to the meta without breaking the synergies. Also possible to play with gold piles and no 1 drop. Helexian and wandering Bard also work good. Have fun playing it en u can. (I dont have 4 banshees)

Hero (1):
Nergal, Lord of Pestilence

Events (5):
4x Week of Knowledge
1x Market of Shadows

Allies (35):
4x Wretched Ghoul
4x Neophyte Lich
4x Lamasu
4x Vampire Knight
4x Pao Deathseeker
4x Archlich
4x Fate Spinner
1x Atropos, Weaver of Dead
2x Putrid Lamasu
4x Banshee

Spells (12):
4x Earthquake
4x Insect Swarm
2x Slow
2x Dispell (or Spell Twister)

Fortunes (3):
3x Shantiri Ruins

10-10-2012, 10:22 PM
I messed up with something similar, but i don't have 4 Earthquakes, so i gave up.

10-10-2012, 10:34 PM
Nice Deck, I used a similar Deck at the end of the CBT with less low Tiers creatures (0 ghoul) but with Vampire lords (Life drain 3 + wasp swarm) and I even tried Mass regeneration with it (when it costed 4, now it should be better since it costs 3).

10-11-2012, 04:26 AM
I tried mass regen, its to situational. I rather have a unit. I also used 4 vampire lords, but kept them drawing all to early to often. So my deck had -2 banshee -2 putrid and +4 vamp lords, but the lords were a weak point in so many games, having them to early hurt me. The ghoul is mostly there to get some fast damage on spell decks. Otherwise im to slow, and I cannot stop the timejump. Well i could use spelltwister for that, but the ghouls are fine.

11-19-2012, 04:48 PM
Did the 10 ranked victories in a row with a Nergal-spell deck, but with 4x mass regeneration, i don't think they are too situational since they do nice things:

1. oblige the opponent to mass creatures for to kill yours due to their high life (this means more open spaces between opponent's lines).
2. oblige the opponent to oneshot your creatures when possible and oneshotting a 7 HP creature needs some effort :).
3. counter other Nergals poison counters (worked very well in this perspective).
4. regen your damage from HQ and Swarm, also lower the efficency of spelldamage based decks.

But the most important effect is the first, MR oblige the opponent to play different, i noticed many times open spaces between opponent lines wich would not be so opened with a regular (for example) Nergal creatures.

I used also 4x week of taxes since i think that the main problem of Nergal is speed, usually for example with a Nergal-creature i can lose against a Xorm or other rush decks with fast resource generation due to this problem, here week of taxes nullify any resource rush and it is more efficent than manastorm, since manastorm in long terms start to lose it efficency, instead week of taxes nullify most of resource generators (goldpile, caverns, mines, campfire, etc) in every moment :), won 3 games against Xorms in this way and usual was a little painful :).

11-19-2012, 11:14 PM
Corrected from 4 to 2 Mass Regeneration, useful against others Nergal (flavour of the moment) and damage spells, not essentials against others decks, even with 4 in the deck i usual wont put in game more than 1-2 at max of them.

Also leaved Putrid Lamasu, added 3 Vengeful Spectre (sometimes you need a wall... and if you have also mass regeneration they are more walls :D), and instead of 2 of 4 banshees since i have only 2 i have 2 Vampire Lord.

Also added 2 town portals, very helpful for to close the match :) (leaved slow and one dispel).