View Full Version : Possible Spammer: my mom 408

09-28-2012, 04:26 AM
Does anybody have any information on gamertag: "my mom 408"? I keep getting this ridiculous voice message that says:

"I got reports of you hacking the server on Call of Duty... is this correct? Look I don't want to do anything or report it, I just wanna.."

Then it cuts off. I got this message before but from a different gamertag and it said the same thing in the same voice and it cut off at the exact same time. Does anyone get this guy's voice messages? I don't even own COD, wtf.

09-28-2012, 10:43 AM
If you are getting messages via xbox - which it maybe judging by the message - please block and and report them via the xbox live service.

please do not 'name and shame' on the forum.