View Full Version : Watching the Gameplay Videos on your Console

09-26-2012, 11:39 PM
You've probably watched the gameplay videos on your computer and stuff, but what about your console?

The Boston and the Frontier gameplay videos are on the console, available for download and Alex Hutchinson is commenting on them.

I would suggest downloading them and watching them, cause it actually looks like the game is playing right there on your screen. I doubt those are what the graphics look like, but it looks believable, seriously. It looks like you're sitting there watching someone playing it on your very console. I have an HD TV and my Xbox is connected via an HDMI cable.

So even if you've seen the videos, I'd suggest watching these videos again on your console just to get a taste of what it'll look like on your console and TV.

Sometimes, such as when I was about to be attacked, or when Connor counters those wolves at the beginning, I had the instinctive urge to reach for the controller in my lap to press the counter button. Seriously.

09-27-2012, 12:00 AM
good idea I make the download of the e3 trailer and its spetacular in 1080i!!!!!!

09-27-2012, 12:04 AM
I'll do this later, though I fear it'll make me want the game even more thus making the wait that much more painful.

09-27-2012, 12:11 AM
I did this about a month ago when I created a US PSN account. I must say it is completely worth it, the video is super clear and there are no compression issues like on youtube. Although my tv is only LCD the graphics gave it an LED look, it looks super realistic. Being a pre-alpha build I can't wait to see what the full game will look like.

EDIT: I've even gone back to previous AC's and downloaded walkthroughs as well. It looks that good.

09-27-2012, 12:16 AM
I might try that, thanks for the idea :)

09-27-2012, 01:30 AM
Wow, I never expected such a response guys.

But yeah, it looks like someone is literally beside me playing it on my Xbox. If Alex was not commenting I could totally fool some guys on YouTube, lol.

09-27-2012, 01:33 AM
my tv is my computer moniter so there is not much point (same one i play xbox on)

09-27-2012, 02:32 AM
my tv is my computer moniter so there is not much point (same one i play xbox on)


09-27-2012, 02:46 AM
What do you mean, "download" them? :confused: Do you mean on Xbox? Cause there you just play the videos, and I don't remember them being anything close to crystal clear...

09-27-2012, 03:53 AM
Interesting, I'll be sure to definitely try this. Cheers mate.