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09-25-2012, 02:38 PM
After an aolmost three year absence from "organized" online play with this game I recently started flying again. No big lifestyle changes or revelaltions, although I did upgrade my rig recently. All I know is I'm back in the saddle again. Last night I checked in there was noone from the 99th online last night (musta been watchin' Monday NIght Football on the telly) so I hung around Hyperlobby to see if I could hitch a ride to the front. One thing about taking part in COOPS is you almost never know where you're going to wind up, what you're going to be flying and against who until you pick a plane and read the brief. When I saw I was in Malta I groaned. Much as I respect the RAF and what they did, the thought of flying another sortie in those underpowered, anemic, fly weight punching Hurricanes made me want to take the gas pipe. But its impolite to bail sometimes just cause you don't get the fly what you want, so I stuck around.

My patience was rewarded! For while it was true that we were indeed flying Hurricanes on the red side we were flying a later model than the BoB tea strainers I'd been flying. No we got a different Hurri, a good Hurri the one with higher horsepower AND more importaintly, four great, big honking canons slung under it's wings. I don't fly Brit often so it took me a few to find my way around the cockpit but as you know the Hurri isn't THAT complicated, Once acclimated I turned her over and waited for our Squadron Leader to get his sorry butt in the air. Sirens were already howling and I didn't come all this way from NY City to wind up a bomb crater in some bloody grass field. Eventually Sir Worthington Smythe took off and I flollowed him. I assumed he knew where the fight was... he did not. So after 5 fruitllessl minutes of circling our airspace following Chauncey I decided I'd go see what all those black puffs of smoke were about to the Southeast.

Lo and behold here came the Luftwaffe, Heman's Hechmen in the form of an absolute sky full of Stukas. I let the the first two groups pass and eventually settled behind one gaggle of geese. I line up tail end Charlie gave him a 2 second burst, watched his elevators float away. Two seconds later she's rolling off to the right with two parachutes trailing in her wake. One down. But banging this guy from the dead 6 had pissed off his mates so I was catching some fire. Flooring the throttle I gained some altitude and let another group pass under me. I then rolled inverted, lined up another pigeon and let go. His left wing exploded in a mist of fire and twisted metal.... 2 gone. I rinsed and repeated until I'd bagged 4 Bosch. I knew that these big gun Hurri's didn't have much ammo and I wanted some guns in case some fighters jumped me.

I was just about to turn for home when WHAM! Somebody had snuck up underneath me in a Stuka and bloodied my nose. Oil leaking everywhere, engine over-revving, I knew I didn't have much time. I nosed down an there was the offending Hun right in my sigts I let go the last of my ammo and smiled grimly as Adolphs Assistant burst into a bright orange fireball. My satisfaction was short lived however as myengine began to whine and quickly seize. I might have just become "an ace in a day" but that wouldn't do me much good if I pranged her landing. I was over water but sufficiently high enough to easily make land fall with altitude and speed to spare. I'd just passed over the Southeast coast when tracers began flitting by my canopy. Crap, a Heiney on my rump and me with no engine and no guns. I went into a shallow diive doing barrel rolls and jukes. Soon the fire stopped. I looked around for my antagonist and he was gone. I guess he'd used up all his ammo and was hoping to get a lucky kill on a crippled bird. Well he'd had his chance but he'd flubbed it.

With Fritz gone I could concentrate on landing my wounded bird. I looked at the map. I could've landed at any of 4 nearby fields but decided against it for a couple of reasons, One, the bases would be on scramble with all sorts of ground traffic flitting about the runway., two those airbases were currently under enemy attack. With these things in mind I began to look for a nice soft field full of nice soft hay to land in. I eventually found one between two airfields and I laid her in there like I'd never been away. I popped the canopy and lit a lucky, from time to time I glanced around to see if anyone was lining up for a strafing but it didn't happen. After about 5 minutes the sortie ended and I indeed had become "ace in a day". With this I smiled and wondered why the hell I'd stayed away so long....

Thanks to the guys hosting and flying...


09-28-2012, 08:04 AM
Nice story Worf! I have also been away from Il-2 for, I don't know, at least two years, but it made me want to fire up a mission right now! Too bad my computer's down and I don't even have a stick at the moment. :( Sometimes the old enthusiasm comes back as strong as ever, like when reading posts like yours.