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09-23-2012, 02:45 PM
I find my urge to play reduced alot when I did not have a goal to play towards, in the close beta that was every 5 levels for a nice boost.
I understand that you want to make money from this , but I feel playing just for the game will not keep many poeple playing and there needs to be a reason to level.

Ok so you do not want to give a boost every 5 levels, but I think it would be nice to have enough gold each level to buy least a 12500 pack, so simplest would be 12500 gold per level. Though I think also getting more seals would be good, I would say 200 though maybe 150 would be better. This would atleast keep me thinking about leveling as each time I level I would increase my "power" or least have a chance on cards again.

Failing an increase on seals I would like to see mutlipacks being able to be bought for gold, more than what seal alone would cost but still buyable, maybe 120000, but buyable.

Also if you keep 100 seal per level change the exchange to 100 from 150.
The price at 15 for 1200 seals is a horrible pricing because there is nothing to buy for 200 seal or 1200, better buying 1000 seals and price for that. Also make it little cheaper, I would say maybe 5 for 500 seals and 8 for 1000 seals and 20 for 3000 seals as a much more inticing price structure. If taking my previous suggestiom on being able to buy mutlipacks, you can still have a market by offering packs with 1,2 or 3 factions choices for only seals. I think the from all faction card packs should be more for all players and free in particualr and so free has a chance at good cards, The for seals only decks as faction specific maybe more chance to gain the higher cards for that faction, but just by being faction specific you are bound to get least 1.

Also the tournament is only for those who can play many many hours a day, you need more toruaments that will appeal to those without hours to play. As is there is no wayy I can get near prizes for touramanet as I just do not have time. Also maybe have tourament that are card level restricted, ie can only go up to say 4 might 3 magic and fortune maybe?or Card restricted in some way, maybe only a certian total resouce amount? But more is better.

Although its the same for every faction, I do wonder why spells seem to only go up to level 4 where as might needs level 6, i would have thought a spell that can destory a level 6 mob should only be destroyed (completely) by a level 6 spell? This leads to balance of spells with low cost that can destroy high level mobs, if it can instantly destroy a mob and i count the necro spell that means any attack kills. These spells need more balancing, spell that can insta kill low level mobs and help kill high levle with aid of another attack or spell then that would be ok.

Well some of my thoughts, but certainly as games currently stands I likely wont play much more as it seem too expensive and lacking a motivating reason to play.

09-23-2012, 04:13 PM
As for the last part: putting higher levels mobs without some kind of special combo to play them really fast is generally tossing a coin.

09-23-2012, 04:48 PM
For some decks higher level mobs work as silver bullets - if you have a good might requirement curve in your deck, you'd always get to "almost 6" with your might anyway and you can be highly rewarded with the gains from such a strong mob.

Regarding the seals and gold system in the game, I'd like to have some more of them too per level and have the 1000 reward return.

09-23-2012, 05:25 PM
Only in specific matchups, from my experience those higher mobs are not gamebreakers, they can help secure the lead, nothing more. I still hold my point it is tossing a coin, ultimately we want to build versatile, universal deck decent enough to win with any deck we know and any other we don't yet know, on top of that with minimizing the luck factor.

I forgot about one exception: pure creature deck on some heroes can be really potent.

09-23-2012, 05:42 PM
well the thing is, that soulreaver never does damage. Soulreaver doesnt win game, and upping magic, doesnt bring u nearer winning a game. U need some serious points in might to have a good chance.

You could add manastorm, like many ppl do nowadays to deal with the spells.