View Full Version : Please boost consummables

09-21-2012, 08:10 PM
As per the title, please boost the consummables. right now they're useless.

I would propose:
-gold boost gives 600 gold per victory and 200 per defeats so that on average, you gain nothing (2K gold with 2.5 victories and 2.5 defeats)but you have the potential to gain more gold (or lose more)
-as for the xp boost, given that it costs 75% of the seal you receive per level, it should be 20% of the xp needed to gain 1 level per victory but only 4% per defeats with an average of 60% of a level if you have 2.5 win and 2.5 loss, which is less than the cost in seal but compensated by the gain in gold when you reach a level.