View Full Version : Are there any Plans for a Replay and/or Spectators Option?

09-16-2012, 05:12 PM
First of all my English is not as good as yours :)

Just want to know if there are any Plans for a Replay and/or Spectators Option.
6 Months ago i played the Game "Shadowera" http://www.shadowera.com. They had a Spectators and Replaymode
I like M&M Duel of Champions a lot more but i really miss the Possibility to watch replays or live Games of my friends.

mfg. :)

09-16-2012, 06:58 PM
well since the game saves replay files each game, I guess it will. Its still beta so relax :)

09-16-2012, 07:25 PM
There are replays (in fact all your battles are saved),but they don't work correctly yet.

(Edit : strange I didn't see Le.Rancord's answer.)