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09-14-2012, 10:51 AM
Assassin’s Creed 3 will feature navel battles that see Connor commanding ships as they do battle at sea. But Ubisoft Montreal’s Alex Hutchinson is keen to stress that these battles aren’t just gimmicky side attractions, they were a big deal in the time period.

In an interview with OPM (http://www.officialplaystationmagazine.co.uk/2012/09/14/assassins-creed-3s-navel-battles-explained-you-cant-do-the-revolution-justice-without-the-sea/), Hutchinson explained where navel battles came from, “We thought, ‘What is it about this period that makes it special?’, and it just came up again and again in the history that the navy was such a big part of it.”
“It’s how you got to America,” he continued, “It’s how imported goods got to America. It was a key factor in dictating the outcome of the Revolution itself. All of these things kept telling us that this was a big deal, and you couldn’t do the Revolution justice without the sea.”
Hutchinson added, “No one had really done a third-person action-adventure sailing game before. You’re controlling navigation and combat at the same time. You can walk around your boat, but once you take the wheel you’re steering the boat almost the same as you would in any vehicle in the game.”
“At the same time, you’re ordering your crew to fire different weapons,” he concluded, “whether it’s round shot to sink the boats or chain shot to take out masts. The fun of it is juggling those things.”

http://www.vg247.com/2012/09/14/assassins-creed-3s-navel-battles-are-a-big-deal-says-dev/ the SOURCE

09-14-2012, 12:16 PM
I actually know very little of the part that the various navies played during the war. Any one know any more?

Oh, and you might wanna put the text in white - it's kinda hard to read.

09-14-2012, 03:08 PM
Navel battles.

War for the Belly Button!

09-14-2012, 04:07 PM
Navel battles.

War for the Belly Button!

Baww, you stole my joke :p

09-14-2012, 04:10 PM
This sounds really cool. How much of this will Connor have to deal with?

09-14-2012, 09:40 PM
They didn't really interest me, when they were revealed. But I'm not dissappointed either! It looks like a bit "hard to control" stuff. I won't probably do many naval warfare side missions...

09-14-2012, 09:46 PM
I'm not particularly excited about Navel missions. I'm more of a parkour and in your face fighting person.

09-14-2012, 09:55 PM
First off I must say the naval battles look stunning. Especially when the waves are going high. I also like how Connors ship gradually gets destroyed and that we are able to walk around on the ship at any time. I suspect this is the greatest side activity in AC history. In the past they have done a lot of half-hearted stuff that just haven't been all that fun. Some have actually being plain terrible. But I like everything I've heard about the naval part so far :)!

09-15-2012, 09:22 AM
I love the naval warfare d. Is new in ac series

09-15-2012, 09:50 AM
I was intersted and very excited when they showed it on E3 but after it we got so many info and i am still excited but no so much as i used to.