View Full Version : Please give us a way to cancel actions!

09-13-2012, 04:17 PM
(If there is a way to do this, I can't figure it out)

Sometimes when I am "working" a particular horse, I will go to click on a weed or somesuch and then suddenly a different horse will be selected. Without noticing it, I will click for the next action and then end up doing something I completely did not intend, like sending a show horse to the petting zoo instead of a baby, or even sending the wrong horse to the rainbow! It's unpleasant to see the horse take several seconds to walk across the screen toward their doom, and not be able to cancel the action before they get there!

Maybe we could "reselect" the horse while they are walking and then give them a new destination? I understand it's technically been my fault when all these things happen, for not paying attention, but I don't understand why a new horse has to select when another one is "busy" - it throws me off my routine.

So I guess there are really two issues here:
1) The game selecting horses for me, seemingly at random (maybe NO horse could be selected until I click on it; even when the game first loads up, it could wait for me to select a horse?)
2) Not being able to select a horse while it's on its way to an action, in order to cancel the action; or just having a big "cancel" button

Thanks for reading!