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09-11-2012, 07:36 AM
Hello All,
Granted,I'm a Nam Vet with PTSD and prone to road rage,depression,etc. However,I am a gamer and have been ever since there were only PC games and Super Nintendo. I worked in hi-tech in the Silicon Valley for 30 years. I worked at Silicon Graphics in the 80's and saw techs there playing a fllight sim game on LAN,little knowing that I was seeing the first multiplayer game and the future of gaming,right before my very eyes. I may have some mental issues,but lack of intelligence isn't one of them. I have an IQ of 136,but so what. I am heavy into shooter,action and fantasy games. I have never used a cheat,nor do I plan to. I would rather fail than cheat. I have strategy guides for almost every game I own,but rarely use them. They are more collectibles than anything else,except for puzzle solving in AC2. Now I'll get to the point...finally. I just turned off my XBox 360,before I threw my controller across the room. I was playing"The Lost Archive"DLC for AC Revelations and am stuck on Memory 7,titled "The End Of The Line". It should be called"The End Of My Rope"! Whoever designed that DLC and the puzzles in the Animus(The Truth,etc.)should be in another field,other than game design,because they sure know how to take the fun out of a game and replace it with frustration and anger. Assassin's Creed2 and the add-ons are some of my favorite games of all time. The story line and game play are awesome,but they should take the puzzles out of AC and make a game called"Brain Squeeze or"Pull Your Hair Out",using that material. I've never played multiplayer,except for some co-op with family,but I assume the puzzles aren't an issue in the arena. I sure hope"Braniac"didn't do any work on AC3 and mess that up,too. If he(or she)wants to show they are smarter than everybody else,they should go do it somewhere else. And what's up with this 50% and 100% garbage? You either do it,or you don't. Guess that replaces having to program more than one level of difficulty. Especially the missions with time limits! If the designer can do it in 7 minutes,I guess we should be able to.also. There. I got that off my chest. Nuff said.

09-11-2012, 02:27 PM
So.... You basically want better puzzles?

09-11-2012, 02:30 PM
Are you secretly the leader of the Enter Key is Useless cult? Hate those guys.

EDIT:, I just noticed, this is my 300th post! WOO!
...way to waste it. Oh well.

09-11-2012, 02:30 PM
Wait, so what you're saying is that you are really clever, but you want the puzzles to be easier?


09-11-2012, 02:35 PM
I don't know why, but this post was rather funny...

09-11-2012, 02:39 PM
Apparently OP's IQ test didn't include spelling...

09-11-2012, 02:46 PM
Man, i just got stuck in 3 puzzles across the 30 truth puzzles we were given. The cluster 7 from AcB is totally nosense for example, however, the other clusters are just about understand what's being said... and on that cluster, shaun's tip is: Hey, look, they are letters, from where do they come? that's the question -.-'

Other then that, i love the puzzles.

09-11-2012, 02:47 PM
I enjoyed the truth puzzles, despite some of the latter ones making my brain hurt.

09-11-2012, 02:51 PM
shaun's tip is: Hey, look, they are letters, from where do they come? .


09-11-2012, 03:11 PM
"I think I'm smarter than a games designer, but I don't like puzzles, so take them out, even though I've bought a guide that'll tell me how to complete the hard bits if I'm really stuck!"

Yeah, you sound like a real genius. *slow clap"

09-11-2012, 03:23 PM
Obvious troll

09-11-2012, 03:58 PM
Are you secretly the leader of the Enter Key is Useless cult? Hate those guys.

Back in 'Nam, we didn't have Enter keys!

09-11-2012, 06:26 PM
He` smarter than a Game designer, has ALL the guides and is a Technician, BUT is stuck in a DLC Puzzle..

Come on, guys... That is my baby brother

09-11-2012, 08:36 PM
Y'know, for someone with an IQ of 136 (completely irrelevant information btw, just like all the MENSA stuff), you sure know little about layout. Try using paragraphs.

There are clues for the puzzles all over the place, giving you different ways to find the right answer with each one. All the ones that don't have clues can simply be solved using simple logic. Try grabbing a piece of paper and writing stuff down if you're having that much trouble or, y'know, use the internet.

09-12-2012, 03:07 AM
Hello and welcome to the Forums
In order for others to be able to read your posts easier please separate them into paragraphs.

If you need help with some of the puzzles and your guides aren't working for you please post here- http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/279-Assassin-s-Creed-Hints-amp-Tips

If you have feedback for the developers please post one of Feedback threads although it is probably to close to release time for a lot of changes to occur.

Thanks ;)