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09-03-2012, 11:23 PM
So in no way, shape, or form is this actually happening, but I thought it would be a fun little discussion anyways.

One of the primary complaints levied against Rocksmith (and I'm hard-pressed to call them "complaints", since DLC isn't made to cater to a specific person) is that the DLC doesn't always match up to what a user wants. For example, Mississippi Queen is set to drop on Tuesday, and I'll bet you dollars to donuts that someone out there is going to post on the forums, Facebook, or Twitter that they want metal/the DLC doesn't satisfy/still don't understand the concept of exclusitivity to another franchise.

One of the most ingenious aspects of Rock Band- for better or worse, and we all know there are some stinkers on the store- is that if you've got a hundred bucks or an authoring team, some music, and enough ingenuity and patience to make it through the learning process, you can put your music, or almost any music you can get labels and groups to agree to on the store through the Rock Band Network. This has definitely satiated the metal crowd and provided a few more great songs (I was suggested "Play Around" and I think it's a pretty awesome song) that you'd never hear anywhere else anyways.

So, then, one can see the value in bringing such a system to Rocksmith. For the sake of discussion, we'll willfully ignore licensing costs to Microsoft and Sony, the difference in DLC volume on 360 and PS3, throw in a distribution system for the future PC users, etc.

There are a few points I should iterate on, however.

1) Rock Band never has, and presumably never will, allowed PRO Guitar and PRO Bass support for charters (though Harmonix has officially upgraded three songs in connection with a Schick razor tie-in). While this would be a huge advantage for Rocksmith, their reasoning is pretty sound: there's no way to really test that the song is charted absolutely right in regards to hand placement and individual notes. For Rocksmith, you also have to worry about the tone design, which players WILL get vocal about (the last DLC pack was a huge contender for controversial tones).

2) There's not just four difficulties. I don't think I have to expand upon this point because anyone reading this should know what that entails.

3) What you lose drums, keys, and harmonies (but not vocals) for, you replace with multiple arrangements. These would have to be accounted for.

4) As far as I'm aware, you'll still have to take care of lighting for performances.

What would you want from a system like this? How would you suggest testing and verification that it's correct? Bear in mind that testing a sweep solo in Rocksmith could be potentially much more difficult and time-consuming than in Rock Band, where you can just slow the track and watch the notes- you'll have to check for how it sounds as well in Rocksmith. How would you want this content advertised and displayed in the store? Should it be displayed more heavily than standard DLC? Most importantly, would you approve of an idea like this?

(As for why this is in tech- there's no reason for it to be in Guitar and Bass and pertains more to the software side of the game.)

09-04-2012, 12:18 AM
Are you and Painkiller in cahoots on these threads?


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Are you and Painkiller in cahoots on these threads?


Whoodilywhatnow? :p
No seriously I don't know who you're talking about. o_o

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