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08-26-2012, 02:39 PM
I understand that trading is probably not something you guys will be adding to the game, because of the free to play model, else people would just create 20 accounts, play the campain (easy), buy some boosters and trade those with the main account to get all cards very easy/fast.

But could you guys add some way to buys and also sell (or maybe only sell) specific cards. I mean, I already have more then 10 of lots of cards, and I will never be using more then 5 of them anyway, so it would be great if I could sell them for a little amount of gold and then buy specific other cards (or boosters) to complete my decks. Of course rare/legends could be expensive (like 10k), because after all they should be rare, but it would help people to build more competitive decks..

For exemple when I started playing I started with necro, in my first 15 boosters I got only 1 rare that I could actualy use in my deck... That is kind of frustrating.. Also now I already have like 10 of some uncommon cards, but only 1 or 0 of others that I'm looking for to add to my deck.

And as last sugestion.. Could you guys make it so that, if you have lets say 5 of card X, you can add those 5 to all your decks, and not only to 1 deck, this makes it easier to test more decks, I mean, I have the cards, so I can use them in any deck, but now I have to first delete my other deck to use them, and then if I don't like that deck re-create my other deck.. its time consuming and anoying... lets face it, this is a digital card game not a phisical card game so lets use some of the advantages of the digital world to make our life easier...

08-27-2012, 05:42 AM
this has been spoken a lot and a trading system has to be implemented at some point. There is jts no way you can design synergistic decks when key cards can only be opened though boosters. The fact that a card is epic mean that you will be very hard pressed to get of of that card nomatter how many you buy.. so the end game of alldeck builders.. as in making great decks will nvr be reached... and all decks will just be variing forms of draw cast draw... there wll nvr be any trule great decks, as even uncommons are hard to find 5 of...

we need a place to sell and buy singel.. open a epic i do not want.. sell it and get a few uncommons ....trading is what makes a ccg work.. otherwise wefeel we have just thrown money away when we open a bad pack....

08-27-2012, 11:29 AM
I played inferno all over to 1000 rating, my 1st rare, that that i actually wanted to put in my deck I got on level 33. :X Honestly, I do think that pseudo-randomness algorithms are too weak and those applies both to duel draws and shop transactions, where some cards are get with every second pack, and others, cannot be hunted for like about few hundreds card bought, and i don't mean epic only.

To be honest, to any other changes, top priority is letting use of the same card in few other decks.

08-27-2012, 01:10 PM
I can think of a few ways to do this.
First set up as part of the merchant swap 5 common for 1 uncommon(or whatever ratio works), 5 uncommon for 1 rare etc.
and/Or merchant buy back for set gold. Could also just have a swap single for same rarity, so uncommon for uncommon, rare for rare, possible with a limit for day or week. Or swap for definiate faction for a small gold fee.
Make starter sets non tradable, but can swap.

Now could set up a swap shop maybe? card for set type of card soe common for common, rare for rares, maybe a drop down list to chose which card willing to swap for?

Also having expander packs that are 1 faction only, possible costing slightly more.

Some of that should help, even if can not set up the swap shop.

08-27-2012, 03:19 PM
To be honest I think they should implement trading. But limited to accounts with certain level. For example you could allow trading for accounts above level 10. So sure you can create 20 accounts and play through all of them till level 10. But if you've spend that amount of time and energy into it, then you deserve the bonus from doing extra campaigns.