View Full Version : GR:FS Any word on "a complete game fix"

08-25-2012, 02:43 PM
Ubisoft by now im sure you have been getting so much hate because of this game well firstly heres why.

1. The screenshots/gameplay footage is way better than the quality of game you put out on launch..
2. The pc version doesn't work at all.
6. Lied to everyone about the fixing context for patch 1.4, you guys said the game would be fixed and fixed compatibility issues/graphics etc yet the update didn't even effect the game in the slightest.

Pull your finger out and stop lying to us consumers we paid for your broken heap of a game the least you could do is **** well fix it because you no i would like to consider playing it the way you guys promised us at E3 2010 and in all of your trailers

Anyone that works for Ubisoft care to explain this to me.....

08-25-2012, 03:08 PM
Here is the explanation you are likely to get, if you get one at all.

Firstly check all your drivers are up to date, you know " PC for Dummies " suggestion. Then check your internet connection, open up ports, change NAT, blah blah,.... all those things we didn't have to do for years now when playing any other game. If all this fails, wait for stickies, they will contain information about updates with as little information as possible so that it is open to an interpretation whichever way you like. This update will most likely not fix any of the issues, but don't worry more updates will follow, about a month from each other. They may break your game more or fix insignificant things but don't worry you will get free "exclusive" content that you can't use as the game doesn't work. You may also contact Ubisoft support, you can find the link in Ubi-Mush signature, so they can investigate if this is caused by your PC configuration as this is not the fault of poorly coded game released by developers that would find developing Pacman a little challenging. They are working hard though and will fix the issues,...eventually, when there is no one else playing this game.

So this is your explanation: This is Ubisoft standard for a game. No one can beat it. And no, no one will actually care enough to explain any of this to you, me or countless others. They do understand your frustration though :rolleyes:

08-25-2012, 05:50 PM
Hahahaha i no ay its stupid, no i don't wanna wait for future updates i want the game to work and be completely fixed and/or playable with you no textures i can bare to look at and a framerate i can tolerate coz you know i am not playing on console with 30fps lol