View Full Version : Some suggestions

08-20-2012, 02:30 PM
As already mentioned in another thread there should be a way to be able to redraw if you are not satisfied with your starting hand, so you get a new staring hand but with x-1 cards less. X is the number ob redraws you use.

Addional time limit: There should be an addional time limit of 1 Minute for the whole game. So if you do not manage to get you turn done in two minutesy you have one addional minute, if you use 5 seconds of that, there are still 55 seconds left, for the next time you don't manage to get your turn done in 2 minutes. Why could that be useful: Sometimes you play your cards on the last seconds after rethinking different strategies, and it could happen that you forget to play your hero cards ability, or you just played a card where you are able to choose another card of your deck. If the time runs out, and you haven chosen a card, the card is lost, and you get either a random possible card or the card which is just highlighted (not sure which of both).

There should be a way to change your ingame name, and not just using the default uplay account name.

Take the players level into consideration for the matchmaking.

Maybe put some addional infos on the card overview of the battleground, like card has infect, melee guard, immune to re. etc.

There should be a quick way to watch a replay of the last game you just played.

Friends System: I would like to see an easy way, to add friends ingame.

Reconnect Protection: After getting disconnected, for whatever reason, you are able to reconnect to the game within a timelimit of 2 minutes. To prevent abuse this should be only allowed 3 times a week, and it should be shown on the players profile how often he uses this function.

Tournaments: I would like to see a way that you are able to create custom tournaments, at least without any prices or maybe also with prices like you put a premium card in it, which gets transfered to the player who wins the tournament, or everyone has to pay an entry fee of x Gold, and the first 3 players get x % of the total of entry fee. But I know, also this feature can be abused...