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08-20-2012, 03:23 AM
Well i have been playing this game for a while now on and off and the game is pretty much unplayable unless you willing to buy random boosters... why any one would do that is beyond me.. but yeah I have played about 20 or 30 games now and I'm, level 1 and have nvr once played anyone who wasn't level 200+ .. So there decks just crush you ... it is unfun and not making me want to put money in in fact it is doing the exact opposite.

08-20-2012, 10:25 AM
Hi Jyujinkai,

I understand your position, as a level 1 player it's often frustrating to come up against much stronger and more experienced players (and decks).
Nevertheless, I'm not sure I really understand: why can't you get some booster decks to improve your game?
You should get more than enough gold and seals doing the solo-campaign and then leveling up to be able to get a good starter deck to play with.

I can only advise you to carry on playing, earning gold, and buying those precious booster packs (I recommend you only get the 12 card packs in order to find some stronger creatures to fight with).

Good luck!

08-20-2012, 10:58 AM
Dear Aza404,

Iím glad to see you on the forums. So I try to steal this thread for my purpose.

As a new Player (got my key yesterday) I have some questions about the game :)

-First, could it be that the matchmaking system isnīt working right (maybe because of the closed beta and that are there not enough players? if so it would be ok for me)
It is really frustrating as a new player to get stomped over and over again the first matches. I played the campaign first, after that I tried a booster pack and played duels. Most of the time I was rated as Level 1-50 my opponent was about 150-450.
I like the game, but it was frustrating and most of the players wonít play that much as I did to get better cards.

-Second, is there a way to see what we get for our Levels, first I thought itís only the 150 Seals, today I hit lvl 5 and thatís a boost. It would be really helpful to see what I get with the level up, so that I can aim at something.

-Third, is there a way to turn of the music? Or is there a way to turn it down? Itís a way to loud for me.

The last questions, what will be in future? More content? (PvE, Trading or duels for cards Ė I mean -iif u win a game u can take one of these 5 cards(I chosed before) and if I win I can chose one from yours, for example)
And will be a wipe after Closed / open Beta, when is the release planed ;)

And the last words, I have fun with your game, there some things that needed to be tuned but if so it will be great. Thanks the for beta ;)

08-20-2012, 11:15 AM
Hi MadsWorld,

I'll answer your questions one by one ;)

1) I've notified the devs that the duels are often unfair for new players. I hope they implement a level system so that players can only duel with players of the same level/rank/score. The reason it's not ingame right now could be because their aren't many players yet, but I do hope this will change in the future.

2) This is a very good point. I'll ask the devs for a list of the rewards players should get when leveling up.

3) No, this is not possible for now, but I have asked the devs for this option.

4) For the moment I cannot tell you what will be in the future as I myself don't really know. Of course I'll ask the devs for a more specific plan once we're in Open Beta and share this plan with you on the forum. The best I can advise you is to take a look at the dev' diaries and the videos posted on the forum and to find the info for yourself.

5) Yes there will be a wipe after the Closed Beta (not for Open Beta). All the players who have taken part in the Closed Beta will receive 2 EXCLUSIVE cards that we are preparing for you as we speak as a reward for helping us throughout the CB ;) Also, all the seals you have bought with real money will be given back to you.

Hope this helps and thanks for the feedback!


08-20-2012, 11:37 AM
thank you very much for the answers and your time

08-20-2012, 11:54 AM
How can you be on level 1 if you had 20-30 games? I mean seriously, to level 2 you need something like 1000 exp? Or are you talking about skill rate.

First of all you have 2 or 3 boosters on start. Other thing is that random boosters, actually helps A LOT that's why people are buying them. There is no other way to get heroes for factions. To be honest the cause why you can't win is lack of cards (yeah, those boosters have all you need) or your build/ you can't adapt from other card games. At level 5 you get 1000 seals and you can buy box which one contains 10 boosters. In my deck I'm using like 2 rare cards and some uncommon, heck I don't even need more because it is working even if someone has pack of epics/rare

08-20-2012, 01:13 PM
I Also, all the seals you have bought with real money will be given back to you.

Aza, is it just the seals you have bought or the gold as well? might sound silly but you can purchase both with real money and if only one is getting 'refunded', well..

in the same line of thought, what's the difference between them anyhow? why is there two types of in game currency if they are used to purchase the same thing? just curious :)

08-20-2012, 02:02 PM
in the same line of thought, what's the difference between them anyhow? why is there two types of in game currency if they are used to purchase the same thing? just curious :)

Every game you win, you get about 800 gold (AFAIR) and about 200 if you loose. You need around 15 games won (3.75 hours with an average game of 15min) to buy boosters of 12 cards. If you put money to get Seals, you can buy the 10 boosters pack (120cards), at the moment. It's a fast way to get the collection and the cards you want/need.
You may think, normally you will have more than 1 deck (1 of each faction for example, or 2 necro decks, but with different heros, thath means different magic shools), and you need a lot of cards (and a lot of each) to put it on every deck

08-20-2012, 02:16 PM
Play the Solo Campaign first, it gives you a nice boost, and after a few online matches, you should be at level 5. From there on your chances really increase and the game gets more and more fun. I am myself between a rating of 50 - 150, and I am still able to win or atleast defend lots of rounds against Players with a rating of about 250, and I'm for sure not the best player. One of my main problems is, that there is nothing like a redraw of your starting hand. Sometimes the game is already decided if you don't get any useful early game cards on your hand. I hope such a function will be added later in the game, but if you redraw that you get less cards.

But yes, I totally agree, the matchmaking should take the players level into consideration, because it is a huge difference if someone has a rating of 100 just because he won his first 3 games in a row, or he has a rating of 100 and has played like 120 games.

08-20-2012, 04:45 PM
I started pretty slow and had alot of problems until level 5/6. Then I got help from a 1k rating player with deck, and suddenly I started climbing and learned mnore about it myself. So in around a month I came from nothing to 1k rating and very good understanding of the game.

08-21-2012, 10:37 AM
one of the big problems with this game for competitive card game players is the lack of a trading system. This kind of has to be fixed. Even if you buy boxes and boxes of cards the simple fact that epics are well epic, means that you will most likly nvr be able to field a 5 card epic in your deck. So the grasp of the perfectly designed competitive deck is a myth and not achievable.

You need to be able to post cards on a trading post to sell and buy form. So say I get an epic in a sphere i am not currently playing I can sell or trade for a epic i am looking for to or just sell for gold to buy more boosters etc etc etc.

Unless this happens no matter HOW much money you put in the randomness of the packs will ensure that there are never and "real" decks and only these shadow images of them.