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08-19-2012, 12:18 AM
Please try to keep this clean so there is a chance the devs will read it.. if tehre is somthing you disagree with.. just make a new post to talk abotu it.. maybe we can get a list of all the sugestiosn from players in a nice readable thread...

My Sugestions


Would be great to have mouse over text popups in the deck editor on card icons and the icons in the side bar. To help new players..
Would love to have the chat log seperated from the game log, ther is no conversation in this game as anything you type is almost instantly pushed off screen by events. Maybe a seperate window or somthing.
The log needs soem work imo, you should be abel to scroll up and down, or better tyet make it larger or somthing.. maybe clickign on a icon to expend it to the height of the screen and then you cna scroll aso if you are lookign for an event you can find it.
I think the "whoops you forgot to tap yoru hero" thing should be removed.. these games are about correct deck politing, it is the players responsibil;ity to play and errors liek this seperate the good players fomr the rest. This should be able to be acidently done, as godo players will not. I mean why stop there.. this is kind of like a chess game app that sugests moves for you.

Needs a proper full screen mode
Needs scalable resolutions (fullscreen and windowed)
Needs Audio controls (levels for effects and music and master and mute option for all or either)
Launcher need to launch the DEFAULT browser.. seriously.. who uses internet explorer?
Needs an android version

Said it a few times... but the entire chat system needs beefing up... there is zero interactions with other players, chat needs to be separated form the event log. Also like say in battlenet you should be able to chat with people after the game is over. I can not stress enough how much a trading post is needed.

Also i think that you should be able to use cards in different decks. At the moment if you use a card in a deck you can not use it in a different deck.. there is no reason for this. All it dose is mean that people can not experiment with deck ideas as if they make a deck they need to delete it to make a variant. This is really lame

Just wanted to move this other comment into this thread so it is all in the one spot

one of the big problems with this game for competitive card game players is the lack of a trading system. This kind of has to be fixed. Even if you buy boxes and boxes of cards the simple fact that epics are well epic, means that you will most likly nvr be able to field a 5 card epic in your deck. So the grasp of the perfectly designed competitive deck is a myth and not achievable.

You need to be able to post cards on a trading post to sell and buy form. So say I get an epic in a sphere i am not currently playing I can sell or trade for a epic i am looking for to or just sell for gold to buy more boosters etc etc etc.

Unless this happens no matter HOW much money you put in the randomness of the packs will ensure that there are never and "real" decks and only these shadow images of them.

more stuff i found

As already mentioned in another thread there should be a way to be able to redraw if you are not satisfied with your starting hand, so you get a new staring hand but with x-1 cards less. X is the number ob redraws you use.

There should be a way to change your ingame name, and not just using the default uplay account name.

Take the players level into consideration for the matchmaking.

There should be a quick way to watch a replay of the last game you just played.

Friends System: I would like to see an easy way, to add friends ingame.

08-21-2012, 02:46 PM
Hi Jyujinkai,

Thanks a lot for this great initiative.
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08-21-2012, 02:49 PM
i did it as a replay to bump the thread as it was now a few pages back. Bumping a thread isn't "spamming" when you are adding new info to it after a bunch of time has passed

08-22-2012, 09:11 AM
quite good summary about all points i noticed too. i guess many of them are just not implementes as it is still beta. but some are really needed stuff like tha chat window during a match, as its really almost unreadable.

few improvement to that are also here:

08-24-2012, 01:25 AM
I would like to see a more robust filtering system on the deck editor...

Filter by Cost
Filter by attack / counter / health value

most deck editors use a value you can enter or select form a drop down list and then you select fro ma drop down to set = or <= or >=

Filter by Keyword (infect, incaporial etc etc)
Filter by Sub-Type (like ogre, or troll or w/e)
Filter by card text (type in text that appears anywhere on card)

Would also like the ability to see ALL cards in the set regardless of if I own them.

08-28-2012, 01:05 AM
quite good summary about all points i noticed too. i guess many of them are just not implementes as it is still beta. but some are really needed stuff like tha chat window during a match, as its really almost unreadable.

Indeed, and the way it overlaps opponents cards is disturbing. I belive it would be better placed elsewhere, perhaps as small window in bot middle, and so that it vanishes when duel ends, instead staying as phantom text over the end window.

Edit : I forgot to add about tutorial, the way you show where rows or card symbols and numbers are with [ ] Frames, is quite honestly confusing. ( No offence intended), I at least had lot of problems trying to figure out what end actually showed what. Specially when the frames moved side to side between different sides turns.

I suggest you smaller the frames on cards or just use old fashion arrow, curve the frames side ways to good old < mark and put it side of card ( as example), it would be much easier to spot. And on fiield please lock them to their own sides instead moving them between turns .

Being innovative is not always a good thing you know ^^

09-03-2012, 06:56 PM
I forgot to mention about chat and the duel overally.

You generally can't make out what opponent is writing in chat, different color and ability to roll chat up and down would help.
I'd prefer this : Put chat in two small clickable tabs in it, one is for chatting with enemy, other is for duel info, you can swap tabs with click, if chat messages come to the talk tab, it would lit a light ( not flash) just get lit like a traffic light.

Also when duel ends the chat is partially still overlaping the end screen, its very annoying.

About duel ending generally, duel usually ends when you die instantly, you can't see what killed you or you can't see the end situation you just get slapped to the reward screen, I'd personally like that you'd get " win or lose" and stayed in the duel mode. That way you can talk with your opponent bit about the game and see what happened / watch board and cards on play to see why you won /lost.

Also, ability to see number of cards enemy has on their deck ( and yours ) would be vital. It usually comes at total suprise that you run out cards, knowing number of cards in each deck would help to strategise, also ability to check each others grave yards is important as well, in some games like Yu-gi-oh online that alone is a massive strategic tool you have to use to compete on top, I'd say its good idea to add here, 2 min turn time is plenty to check others graves if need be.

09-03-2012, 07:03 PM
I also forgot to add ( sorry for the multiple comments in row).

That an exellent way to handle the chat would to put it on the top or bottom row of the " black" zones in the client. There is PLENTY of space there.
People can just enlarge the window and they'd see player to player chat on the bottom left dark area and the game related perhaps top ? With cards played listed in top your own on your end opponents on their side of the screen overal attacks on middle of top.

Like this:

[Your actions] - [Their actions]
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx
the game screen is here in this large gap^^

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx

[Player to player chat ] - [Friends and whispers]

Friends and whispers tab would be for future when you can add people to your friend lists or form clubs, guilds., clans what ever you wish to call em.
It would help to keep in touch with people even during matches.

Speaking of that this game needs ability to log your opponents and friends ^^

09-04-2012, 01:17 AM

I'm definitely supportive to mentioned topics:
Separation of chat and action log
Possibility to chat on after the end of a match, because then you actually have the time to do so.

As mentioned the "action log" is useless, mostly because of it's appearance
Scrolling takes to long (the 2 minutes per turn forbid wasting that time)
Overview of more actions needed
Button to display/minimize a bigger action log window is a good idea

Further interface additions:
Logged actions should contain links to the respectively used cards, to quickly pop them up and take a closer look
Search option in rank window, to search for certain players

Further configuration menu additions:
Separation of volume level for music and sound effects
If you implement the often demanded and reasonable "Mouse-over-Help", then there should be an option to turn it on and off