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08-18-2012, 02:09 AM
Hi, I have a little feedback as a person who has played very little Magic. Just two sessions.

Though I grasped the concept very fast, and I don't think I'm a bad player, at least not tactically. I definitly have a lot to learn about building my deck, but playing the Cards I have at hand, I think I do very well.

I still believe that this is a very hard game. The reason I say this, is because I think this game will make a Whole lot of People who doesn't have any Connection to Magic, will drop off very fast.
Not because of the game, but because it's rediculusly hard to start up. You start With so bad Cards, even after finishing the very short campaign. This makes you sit With very few Cards in Your deck, and loose very many of the first matches, as we get set up against People With 200-card decks, who obviously have spent a lot of time building the deck (or 50-card decks that's well-built for that matter).

Personally I wanted to give up because of the slow pace in progress and Meeting People With rediculus rating. Now I'm Level 5 and feel that I have gotten to the point where I have enough Cards to acctually build a deck, instead of just throwing in whatever I have because I need to.

I really think there should be some way of balancing the games in the start better. So that you meet other People Who just started, prefferably by the rating system you have. If you have 0 rating, there's no reason why I should meet anyone With 250 rating. I shouldn't meet People above 20, at max. Because if I have less than 20, I either just started, or I completely suck, and need to try more With other sucky ones or People who just started...

That's just my thoughts. I am extremely sure you will loose a massive amount of customers unless you match up People With easier matches in the start. Especially since the campaign is so short, so you're not able to build any deck.

And then two questions:

1: Are the Premium Cards only flashy, and that's it, there's no other point in them?
2: Why doesn't it come better forth that the decks that you buy are set and standard? That way I didn't need to Waste 62k gold on a deck I could use 3-5 Cards from...

08-19-2012, 12:26 AM
Actually decks that you buy are standard - you can even find list of what they have in notepad file in your game folder. Starting ones have only some differences, that's all