View Full Version : Questions about 60 minutes gameplay for Playstation 3?

08-17-2012, 10:23 PM
Is it like only for the standard edition of the PS3 or also the collector's editions (Join or Die,Freedom,Special). And i read somewhere that the PS3 users are also getting 4 exclusive missions..Are these maybe the 60 minutes? And how much does the limited edition cost in europe? I pre ordered it from a electronics store called "Saturn", they said it'll feature a mission and a weapon in case i complete it and pre ordered it for 65 euros..isn't it a bit cheap for a limited edition? Just curious lol :D

08-17-2012, 11:11 PM
You get 3 editions normally. Standard, one with a few added things, then a super edition. The Join or Die edition will feature an exclusive mission and a weapon. On the subject of the 4 PS3 missions, they are for every edition of the game and they will ADD 60 minutes of gameplay (or more) to the game. The price you said sounds about right because it is the edition with a few added things. In some respects, being a PS3 user is better for all of this. Seeing as if you buy the Join or Die edition you get 5 extra missions, which is only one less than the Freedom Edition which is way higher in price. That is if you are willing to give up a statue and a case.