View Full Version : Playing AC2 with the family (more than 3 save games please)

08-17-2012, 09:45 PM
There are five people in my family, and we would all like to play Assassins Creed 2. How come we cannot do that?

I know of no other game for the PC that sets such a ridiculous low limit for the number of save games. I cannot even imagine what UbiSoft were thinking when they designed this. Think we would run out of disk space or something?

Is there a work around for this or a patch or something?

By the way, I am saving locally. Saving to the cloud with UPlay does not work. I found this out because suddenly UPlay was starting up when I started AC2 without me knowing why, and after playing for a few hours, came back to it, and was back to where we started. No message saying the save had failed or anything.

Got to say, things like this put me off buying UbiSoft in the future.