View Full Version : Match making.. really needs a makeover

08-13-2012, 01:51 PM
After several games today I have to say that the Match-making system right now is.. well It is pointles.

It should pair two players with similar skill. With my rank aprox. 500-600 I had games today with people over 1000 ranking annd under 100. Beliive me I did not have fun Fighting somebode from the Top 30 with my fun deck. And I do nto think the people with raking 100 did not have fun fighting my decks. Well they atleast had a chance against me.
Would it be so hard to just give a note "Sorry there is no suitable oponent right now.. please wait a few minutes" rather then forcefully create duels that are just a waist of time. This only makes the weaker players mad and chaces them away from the game. And That is not the way you want to go.

A nother problem with the Match-making is the fact that it uses the ranking of the player to find an oponent. But it is not the player who decides how good he is, but his deck. If lets say I have 5 constructed decks and only 2 of them are able to compeat with players of similar rank, it discurages me to use the other 3 even because it would only be a bigger risk to lose my rank.
It woudl be much better Imho if the skill ranking would be connected to the decks themselves, The highest ranked deck woudl be the players total rank. This would prevent the situation above.
Maybe there would be a problem how to rank newly created decks, but this could be solved by creating a basic rank of a deck based on the value of the cards in it.