View Full Version : Too much image clutter on the screen when playing!

08-13-2012, 05:58 AM
In one of your last "upgrades", you made white lines and text pop up (to indicate future plots of land to expand) if your cursor goes anywhere near the border of your farm. Invariably, the text ends up across whatever I'm trying to do, and it is horrible to work along the edges with the lines and text popping up all the time! The smoke from the bakery causes issues if it is going up through the middle of the game (you can't click on things behind the rings - you have to time your clicks BETWEEN the rings) - so the bakeries all went along the back edge of my farm. Now the smoke goes over "uninhabited" land - but every time I go to collect from my bakery or collect apples from my trees, I get the plot lines and text boxes on top of what I am trying to do. VERY frustrating! I can click THROUGH the text box to get what I need beneath it, but it is really difficult to see what you are doing and very annoying. It is pretty obvious where you can expand, and when you buy an expansion, the plot lines show up then - it is NOT needed to have them highlighting every time you come near the edge of your property! That just adds visual clutter. There is already a lot of screen clutter, and this is one that really needs to go away.

Another thing that would help get rid of visual clutter is the Z bubbles above all the "sleeping" horses. Those bubbles hide stuff behind them, too, often making it hard to click on the correct thing. It would be awesome if the bubbles over each horse only were "on" when the horse was active. The breeding areas, bakeries, herb gardens, guest huts, etc. all show a time remaining bubble if you scroll over them, but nothing if your cursor isn't there. That is so nice! You can check on those things, without the bubbles interfering! Since that technology already exists, it seems like it wouldn't be hard to only activate a Z bubble if you scroll over a horse. Then when you click on the horse to wake it up, the bubbles would show up automatically to indicate what it needed at that time (just like now). As I said before, there is a LOT going on on the screens, and between Z's bouncing above horse heads, and crop icons, and now expansion plot lines, sometimes it is just too much.

Thanks for considering these suggestions!