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08-09-2012, 06:26 AM
Since Alex Hutchinson recently said none of the names of the main story's targets have been revealed yet in promotional footage, there's nothing we can do but form wild hypotheses about who we're going to kill :p based on historical figures, locations, and dates. I have a few suspicions already, so I'll start.

John Pitcairn (1722-1775)

This fella is pretty much a given. He was the British general killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill, which we saw a glimpse of during the first gameplay trailer released a few months ago. Now, seeing as how that trailer ended with Connor planting a tomahawk in a British general's throat, it's a safe bet that that general was Pitcairn.

Joseph Warren (1741-1775)

Interestingly enough, Warren was also killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill, but this guy was an American. We have been assured that the enemies will be found on both sides of the conflict, and Warren was a very big name at this battle. Killing him seems likely. Perhaps in the AC universe, he was plotting a meeting with his Templar ally, Pitcairn, when Connor caught up to them.

Richard Montgomery (1738-1775)

Killed in action in December of 1775, while leading the attack on Quebec City. Now, if you've seen the recent AnvilNext trailer, you'll know that Connor will be spending some time up north in the wintertime. Massive glaciers loomed over the ocean in a short clip shown in the trailer, with Connor perched atop it. There are some very interesting theories about that area in this thread (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/704667-Northwest-Passage-theories). I'll recap my post there- although the glacier area has been officially labeled "Northwest Passage" which is far north of Quebec, I wouldn't rule out the possibility of Connor hunting this guy down on his way up there.

David Wooster (1711-1777)

Wooster, a somewhat obscure but still noteworthy American general, was killed at the Battle of Ridgefield, in Connecticut. It's located somewhat between New York and Boston, so it's not a stretch to imagine that Connor will find himself there.

White Eyes (1730-1778)
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A curveball- a Native American target. White Eyes was a chief of the Delaware people during the Revolution, who died under suspicious circumstances. Ordinarily, that would be almost a free pass for Ubisoft to get away with using him as a target, but since he was a Native American who was most likely betrayed and murdered by the white man, the decision to include him could be very sensitive to their Mohawk consultants. Not sure about this one.

Johann Rall (1726-1776)

We've all seen the notorious concept art of Connor crossing the Delaware in the boat with Washington. If not, it's here (http://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-21/art/ac3-washington-crossing-the-delaware.jpg) Well, the result of that crossing was the Battle of Trenton on Christmas Night. Yes, that's right- we Americans will attack you in your sleep on Christmas, then paint a picture of it. Anyway, this guy was the commanding officer of the German Hessian forces there, who was killed in action that night by a wayward musket ball. I'll eat my hat if that musket ball didn't come from Connor's gun :p

So what do you guys think? Have any other ideas? What do you think of mine?

08-09-2012, 08:04 AM
There is already a thread talking about this stuff :D Located here (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/683238-Possible-assassination-targets-(potential-spoilers)/page14?highlight=targets) - Even though the last post is a little old. It isn't quite a month old yet so i'll let you revive it :D.

Closing this one.