View Full Version : AC3 Multiplayer Weapons + ACR/ACB Input

08-06-2012, 09:52 PM
The AC3 MP is pretty solid and doesn't seem like it will change drastically anymore...but,
I was disappointed in the multiplayer weapons in ACR. Yes, there were new weapons, but those new weapons were often recycled among the few characters in ACR. The typical spear, dagger, and sword was a weapon option for a majority of the characters. Is ACR going to have the same format? Many MP characters in AC3 have hook weapons or daggers. I mean that's completely fine but I think a better format would be the ACB weapon format.

Even though each MP character in ACB had only one weapon of choice, each weapon displayed and matched each character's persona. Everyone had unique weapons (excluding daggers, because daggers are inevitable being an assasin staple as a sharp and easily-concealable weapon)-
The courtesan has a fan, the doctor has a syringe, the Dama Rossa has a hairpin, the Pariah with a renaissance stun gun. The various weapons paired with the various characters, unlike ACR which, to me, seemed to lack the colourfulness and variety of ACB characters.

Also does anyone find ACR to be a bit too saturated and orange (color graphics wise?)

08-06-2012, 10:20 PM
Yeah i really hated this, if you are going to give them the same weapon category of a dagger then at least make all the move unique. To be honest, i would rather them just give the characters one unique weapon liek the fan or hairpin or take the moves from ACB and put them into the new MP for variety.

In terms of graphics, no, i like the colour scheme and art direction that they chose for Revelations and orange stone, and yellows and reds were prominent at that time period.

08-07-2012, 07:17 PM
Weapons variety was the least of my complaints in ACR, I hated the personas enough to ignore their boring weapons set. ACB's personas were definitely more interesting and had much more character in them. I hope we see more of that diversity in AC3.