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08-06-2012, 08:01 PM
Solo Campaign

With the latest update (July 26th 2012) we have implemented a big new feature in the game : The Solo Campaign. This campaign will take you into an epic journey across the Realm of Ashan, and you will fight against different opponents using your deck. You will have the chance to encounter many different factions and creatures, train yourself and know your enemy better. Note: for the July 26th update, solo campaign includes the new tutorial as well as Mission 1, that includes many duels. Other missions will be implemented through our different updates, adding up many hours of gameplay. It's normal that you will play with a Haven deck on the turorial phase, once in Mission 1, you will use your own deck.

First, once the game is launched, choose the “Campaign” mode. If you are a new player, you will choose a starting deck and you will go through the tutorial. If you are a returning player, you will go straight to Mission 1.

Once the campaign has started, you will see a big map with all duels included in the mission.


Myranda will guide you through the campaign. She will explain that you and your units are new recruits within the Wolf Duchy. At any time you can skip the cinematic by clicking the upper right button.


You will also meet Ga’Arend, who will reveal himself as an opponent and ally at the same time.


When you choose a destination, you will see your next opponent on the bottom right corner of the screen, with a tip, the deck you have chosen and the option to either start a duel or quit.


The first duels will help you understand the game basics and the fighting mechanics. You will learn how to play with units, spells, fortune cards as well as the basics moves on the battleground. At the end of a duel, you will earn gold coins as well as XP points. Similar to multiplayer mode, you will keep those rewards and you will be able to use it in other game modes.

Have a good campaign!