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08-03-2012, 09:20 PM
I didn't find any official feature/wish thread, so I will try to collect the ones we have posted so far. This will take time since this forum is in its hundreds of threads, so if this thread is looking weird you know why, it will take some time.
So more or less if you guys have already posted threads, link them below and I'll try to keep up adding them, a lot of the threads going around now is about getting help and about the upcoming patches and bugs thought, please make sure to add them to the official bug threads going on, and not in this one.

Also I know their main goal should be to patch the game to a full functioning product before adding any features, but we also need to look into the future for the game and that's where this comes in hand.


In-game options, let us be able to change the options in the game, right now you have to exit completely to change anything, including controls.
The ability to choose map as host, letting the matchmaking system pick 2 random maps is not appropriate for a AAA game.
The ability to switch teams when entering game lobby and while being in game.
Ready button - Too many times you just sit and wait for the last 1 or 2 players before the "matchmaking" starts, let us start when we want to start.
Server list - Every second or so week I'm able to find a game or two if lucky, the other weeks I sit and don't find any games what so ever because of the matchmaking system. This with correct working port forwarding. It's very sad to see we don't have any sort of server list, it does work for "listen servers" (P2P servers) as well for dedicated servers. So why change something that always have worked?


When sprinting change so that the mouse sensitivity is still the same as in none sprinting, it feels extremely weird and uncommon to be locked out in the "free camera movement" you should have. Just make sure the character ain't able to change direction in super speed, but to stop and change direction if the camera angle becomes to depth (hope this one makes any sense).

Interface & Camera

FoV should be tweaked. FoV option in the settings menu, so we are able to change it to 90 or whatever the player feels like.
The camera should be positioned a bit further back, and would like a option to either have it in center (old school Tomb Raider style), or swap between shoulders.
Ingame type chat is really needed, having the "spam the Q button" for people who don't want to use the ingame VOIP is bad. At least I rather use a external program for VOIP.
Possibility to admin and moderate the hosted gameplay sessions, kick/ban/vote possibilities. Let the host be admin, and let the host add "mods" to the game.

Weapons & Equipments:

Weapons, how does a rifle get a longer range adding a scope on the weapon itself? You see further yes, but bullets don't go further then they do otherwise, common sense.
Weapons, how does a grip only give the player better movement(maneuverability) and not control? Grips are made to keep the recoil down for both control/movement and accuracy.
When getting new equipment in the different game modes (often during downtime), please add a fix so you don't exit the "chose" menu each time you pick an item (grenades etc) to refill
Add so all classes are able to choose all kind of grenades to increase the tactical choices per class.


Dedicated Servers: Well this one is a no brainer, I think we all agree that we want dedicated servers, it would solve several issues within networking and administrating the games and game sessions.