View Full Version : So has anyone bought Assassin's Creed Revelations for Android? (From Gameloft)

08-01-2012, 08:04 AM
Here is the link:

Apparently it's only on Android (I think), the game has a lot of negative reviews, but since I'm an AC fan, I'm still curious. I really hated AC from Gameloft on Android/iOS, but that was a crappy 3D platformer designed for physical controls (it was a port from Nintendo DS which I'll assume played much better). This is a 2D platformer and it may or may not be interesting.

So, any thoughts on it?

08-20-2012, 09:51 AM
Yeah !! It works pretty well actually, I love to play, it is kind of addictive the smart thing about it is that its mazes have been placed brilliantly and the choice of graphics is insane. I also like its gaming characters, pretty cool actually.