View Full Version : Selling and Buying Items??

08-01-2012, 07:43 AM
Hi, I made the mistake of cooking 1 too many Honey Crunchies but my horses don't eat them yet (was trying to plan ahead) so now it's stuck in my bakery and now that I'm out of apple cookies I can't give my horses any treats which in turn means I can no longer train, compete or level them up in any way...what do I do?? Is there a selling feature I'm just not aware of? How do I clear it out or at what point do my horses start wanting the honey crunchy thingies??

If there is no selling feature can you make one? (With the ability to sell horses?) would love the opportunity to make some extra $$ :D

What if none of our friends play the game? there has to be some away to get building material and other stuff (for cheap) that doesn't involve our OWN friends sending them. You should have an area where people can go and request stuff be sent to them without having to be friends. (cause I don't add anybody that I haven't met in person onto my facebook) so I'm kinda.........f***ed