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07-31-2012, 11:37 AM
Iīve played the game for the campaign and some duels.

The first thing which came to my mind after my first destruction was:
Wow, these cards where better than mine in any way (I choose the necro), but thatīs okay... Maybe he had better luck in getting better cards out of the boosters and so on,...
After the second game I realized the game cannot be balanced at all. Some cards are way too strong and other are to weak. As Iīve seen no cardlist at all I was ruled by single cards every other game. Spells can be pretty good, sadly I didnīt got one of the good :p.

It is not my intension to rule as hell, I play the Beta,... So it should be possible for me to change my deck and my cards if I want to, because beeing stuck with these cards and a looooooooong way to get new cards Iīve lost the fun on it. 500 Gold per Game on average and some XP takes to long to test with bad cards.

Some Bugs have been encountered, for example loosing the ability to chat, but I couldnīt reproduce it.

The Chat itself should also be in a differnt part of the window, not in the battle-log as noone reads it...

Feedback on Necro Cards (Iīve also seen good Necro cards, so there is hope) but infect is not the winning ability, with creatures which will bashed away in one round.
The Spell which kills a Creature with next damage it gets (donīt know the name) is too expensive, as well as the spell which deals 2 damage on movement/attack etc.. There are way better spells with cost of three. And these arenīt even uncommon.

Please implement a way to trade or sell cards at least for the final Version.
And please implement a way to reset all cards at will so it will be possible to try other decks.