View Full Version : Multiplayer Issue

07-29-2012, 06:37 PM
Greetings all.

Bought this game earlier today on steam and was really looking forward to the multiplayer part.
Singeplayer works like a charm but whenever I go to multiplayer, press quick join it flashes up for a few sec saying "Searching for game"
then well, after 2-3 seconds it says "Unable to find session, creating new session."
And starts a lobby with only myself in it.

I've tried all the Port-Forwarding, all the tips I've found in the forum, been working on getting this working for many hours now, still no change at all.
And yes, my Windows Firewall is turned off.

Please, if you have any advice that actually might help, shoot!

I'd love to get the multiplayer running since it seems quite kickass, fo' sho'.


Jon Snow