View Full Version : Can`t play Future Soldier in Multiplayer (or Coop) for weeks

07-29-2012, 03:29 PM
Hello Ubisoft,
Hello Forumusers,

does anyone has an Idea why playing Online in Multiplayer or Coop behind a Router isn`t possible?

We have 2 PCs together in LAN behind da Netgear Router (N300 Gigabit Wireless) connected through Cable, our Internet is from Unitymedia over Cablemodem.
When trying to play together we can start the COOP or Multiplayer, but when the Game loads it shows me ALWAYS the Message "Waiting for other Players.." and then after a some time "Connection to Server lost" (Translated from German to English)

The Support just gives Standardanswers like add Portforwarding for both PCs......???? What the Hell are you Guys giving Tipps that yourself don`t understand?
Portforwarding is only possible for ONE PC, this is a Network Structure given Standard.

If your Game isn`t designed to be able to handle multiple PCs from one ISP Connection behind a Router (with NAT) then you aren`t allowed to make Ads with Multiplayer and Coop, because this is just not Reality!

I tried every hint from this Forum and even tried to DMZ my PC but there is NO chance to get this Game working. In some Threads the UBI Forum Managers told that they are aware of this Problems but they do NOT give any Solutions or even Patches.

This is a great shame for UBI, first SWTOR... BÄM against the Wall (hey this was a StarWars License!!), and now Future Soldier BÄM... another Man down! This was the Last Game from UBI. I´m sad about the Changes that were made by UBI, they are still on the Way down to some of these scappy Developers... maybe you just should take care of your Racing Games...

if anyone here got some Ideas to fix the Game i`ll be glad to hear..

07-30-2012, 05:17 PM
I'm having the same problem. I done everything but nothing worked . I'm so disappointed.