View Full Version : NO update information updates in over a week. im offended you would link me this

07-28-2012, 05:58 PM
the admin linked me in my last post this useless post link
the thread is [UPDATED] Title Update 1.3 is available / information about TU 1.4

"UPDATE / TU 1.4:


A lot of you are asking for the Title Update 1.4.

We're very sorry for all the people who encounter technical issues with the game.
We're aware of the issues, we're working hard on the next Title Update, but we don't have a precise ETA to share with you yet. The idea is to release the next update as soon as possible but making sure that 1) as many issues as possible are actually addressed 2) no new issues raise.

As soon as we have solid information about the title update's availability, I'll share it with you. I can guarantee that we're aware of the issues and are actively working on it.

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the edit is over a week old, vague, doesnt answer **** all
**** you admin
give us an update or information about when its coming.
it better be this week or else **** you all