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07-26-2012, 04:11 PM
First question is: If you have to pay for deeds is it $50 saddle bucks for only one deed or is it a packet of a certain amount. If it's just one, that's ridiculous. One buck for one deed may be appropriate but not $50. I only have 2 neighbors so costs such as that would stop me from playing. How many deeds do you get for your $50?

Next question: are there other ways to get supplies other than begging for them? like I said I only have 2 neighbors and they can only send one thing per day.

Next, why can you only hire a friend once when you have to have staff for nearly everything? For people like me playing with only 2 neighbors it kind of sucks and then when my game does not recognise one as staff..meaning does not staff them after they accept yet they no longer are an option for hire it is more difficult.

Suggestions: please offer resource packs that can be bought (preferably reasonably). Collections only give boards and I don't think I have even bought anything that uses boards. I appologize for using the "Z" word here but Zynga games offer resource packs for reasonable amounts or per item. Such as, if I need 3 bricks and 2 panes I could pay a premium such as 1 saddle buck for each one and not have to pay a large amount such as $38 for the whole thing no matter how many or few I need.

I am enjoying this to a point and would enjoy it much more if I didn't have the described obstacles. Thanks.