View Full Version : AC2 White Screen; bug assistance please

07-20-2012, 01:16 AM
Hi all! Just bought the AC bundle pack off of steam because well, I loved the series when I had a 360 and never really finished ac2 + due to roomie always being on it, so with my pc I've gone ahead and taken advantage of the bundle. Though, now I've run into an issue that's preventing me from going any further. I'm at the mission right after you train with mario and you go to town to go slay your first templar, you pick up your throwing knives, knock off some guards, open the gate, and then proceed. Mario informs you that he wants you to take care of the guards, and here's some men to assist. Alas, this is where it turns into a giant white screen that I can move around in, counter movable guards because you see the red icons above their heads, and if you take damage from guards (not falls) you will see whats going on for a moment but, it will then revert back to the white screen.
At first you will see a white screen with an exclamation point above it signaling "oh look a quest" but then it stays that way. Pressing escape will take you to the options menu, and then pressing shift to get out of it will take you back to the main screen where you are active and can own face, but it's all white, the little mini map is up in the bottom right corner signaling where things are, like that bird vision post thing annnd some wanted posters, no buildings or alley textures shown.

Is there a fix for any of this? It's kind of preventing me from playing. First world problems.


Big white screen prevents gameplay.
Things tried: Restart, uplay restart, steam restart, ubisoft launcher uninstall reinstall, cloud sync disabled.

Also, my bad, posted this in the GD. Meant to post in tech support.