View Full Version : Just a little problem with ACII, PC

07-18-2012, 11:50 PM
Inspired by a D&D session based on AC I decided to buy the game, PC version. Now right at the beginning I get stuck, at the part of the race (Sibling Rivalry - Florence). It seems I can't run and that is kind of the essential bit of the scene...I changed the key of it(green feet thing was space bar is now x) to see whether it helps, it doesn't ...It can be that I make a mistake but whatever i try to do, I can't run...So...What should I do to run?

It is really frustrating to get stuck so early, so very detailed explanation is wanted...

EDIT: I made a mistake...xD Made me realize i'm a noob...xD forgot to do something (special actions or what the englisg function is called, at least it makes it possible to run)