View Full Version : PS3 AC Revelations The Trickster part 1 Mehmet's Dagger Question

07-13-2012, 02:08 PM
I am about to finsih Sequence 3, i have just beat the Trickster part 1, the side bar pop up said 100% Sync, and i have unlocked Mehmet's Dagger,

Now how do i get it ????? I have tried opening up a Blacksmith shop to buy it, but it is not available, does not even show up. I am confused. Help Please.

07-13-2012, 02:09 PM
Go to the main Assassin hideout. It should be displayed along with all the other weapons you have unlocked but not equipped. You can select and equip it there.

07-13-2012, 02:10 PM
And just, may I add, all of those ''unlock'' type weapons are always available from the hideout, not the Blacksmith.

07-13-2012, 02:19 PM
Ah Thanks !! didn't even cross my mind to see if the hideout had it in the inventory. Much Appreciated !

07-13-2012, 02:21 PM
Anytime, and welcome to the forums.