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07-09-2012, 01:54 PM
I just had another couple of games... and this time a wallhacker.
his name was IngweZA

I was first playing on pipeline, conflict game mode.. and he was running on our left flank... but he was on intel because one of our guys had hacked someone.
So i kept track of his movement.. and alone he runs across the whole map, avoiding everyone.. because he knew where they was, and where it was safe to run.

Then i take position at a corner, where i can see that i would intercept him... i wait for him to make a run for it.. and he runs in a straight line towards me...
I pop out and startfireing... but what happens is that he started fireing BEFORE i came out of cover... i saw it clear as the day...
And this was no lag im telling you.. because he purposedly shot at the corner before i was visible.. and he kills me with a headshot.
So we play through the game... and this guy is really not much of a player... we still win the game with 3 objectives for us.. and 2 for them.
I yell at the full force of my lounges WTF was that prefire to the guy, and he just says .. "where was that".
And its not lag... because if it was lag i would also be delayed on his screen.. when i pop out of cover that lag would have affected me too.. so i would show up even later on his screen.

Next match.. same people in the game.. the map is market.

We have a hard time getting to the second objective, but 2 of us managed to break through..
But this guy already knows that we got in there...
No intel on us what so ever.. and again we hack a guy so we can track the enemy...
But he just goes all the way around where he isnt seen by our team.. that hasnt gotten to the objective yet and shoots both me and my team mate before we even get a chance to fire back.. even he was already detected.

Next scenario, im alone up on the balcony at one side of the map... and we again have intel on the enemy team from hacking a enemy player.
And i take new cover, so i can stay out of sight.. but already knowing the enemy is moving in.. but noone in a position to see me yet... and havent shot any enemies from this position.
I've managed to get quite a few kills at this point and im at a 7th killstreak..
Then i see the red outlined portrait of this guy.. who is a riflemen... and he runs straight in.. no stopping... avoiding 3 team mates.. and runs all the way across the middle of the map.. into our spawn... up the concrete stairs on our side of the upper balcony part.. and straight up the stairs... he doesnt stop before he's on the last corner... and im thinking... WTF why is this player suicide running all the way across the map only to stop there... i was still in my cammo... handt shown my self.. and hadnt fired a single shot...
He then with out me looking out of cover, just starts shooting at the corner im at again...
Im thinking ahaaaa its this guy again, i swear to god it must be him...

So i dont want any team mates to kill him.. and i dont want him to throw a nade at me..
So from a quick descicion i decide to just sprint in and see if i can kill him... or let him kill me so i can atleast see what player name he has...
He is only like 2-3yards away from me.. so its not a far sprint.. and if im fast enough.. sprinting forward and then instantly take aim as i come around the corner..
he wont be able to react fast enough.. and because he is at cover.. he wont expect it and has to turn around and break cover to shoot me.. since im nearly behind him.
I rush across instantly in a splitsecond.. switch to aiming down the sights .. and try to get a headshot..
I manage to kill him, and guess what...
Same guy.. IngweZA..

Its the end of the match... and he wanted his revenge.. so running all the way across the map.. only to do so...because he knew exactly where i was... despite the fact there was no chance in hell he could possibly know... starting to shoot at the corner where i am.. with me completely behind cover... and no indication i was there whatsoever.
We get back to the lobby and he instantly leaves.

I've played for so many thousand hours in FPS games.. and against so many hundred wallhackers..
Its easy to identify a wallhacker.. simply because you only need to remember a few certain facts about what is possible and what is not.

First off you need to be aware of simple chance and luck... where it would once in a while be possible to just be plain lucky..
Another thing is.. that if the player is aiming down the sights whilst moving.. he will always be quicker to shoot then if your not.

next thing is.. human reaction time... since if your not using wallhack.. you wont always know if someone is coming.. so it would take you somewhere between 0.4-1.5 seconds normaly to react to something that the brain has identified, from the signals coming from your eyes.
But if your using wallhack.. since you already know where the enemy is.. you dont have to react... you can take aim before you get a visual line of sight on your enemy.. and you also can see if they move.
Which means the reaction time for your shot will be instant..
.. another thing that must be rememberd is that wallhack is painting targets on your screen.. where you must look in the direction of the player.. in order too see the box around them.. so in other words.. if your behind a wallhacker.. he will not know where you are.

My source of information is from watching videos online... looking at people braging about their hacking.. analyzing this so i know what to look for when i encounter hackers.

Im extremly against wallhacking aimboting or any type of cheating in multiplayer games... i couldnt care about singleplayer games.. because whom ever cheats in a singleplayer game only destroys the experience for him self.
I have used a few console commands and some program trainers my self but ONLY and i repeat ONLY in OFFLINE, singleplayer mode..
Never in my entire life have i cheated in a multiplayer game.. EVER.
I belive in fair playing.. to where if your gonna get a better player you must play legit.. or you will never improve..
I've mentioned before.. and i play every single day of the week for rougly 10-16 hours every day.
And i've been doing that for the past 7 years due to my illness.. where im on welfare.
And after countless hours of gaming the experience i've got playing hundred of different games.. it doesnt take long to notice when something is wrong.

And if anyone who's doing a job they have done 10-16 hours a day for 7 years.. some of the most normal and obivous things during a working day.. would speak to you directly through experience.. and reveals it very quickly.