View Full Version : Silly Annoying Audio Problems (I don't want to go deaf)

07-08-2012, 09:14 PM
Don't know if anyone else is suffereing from these symptons,
But audio settings are not saving, Windows 7 Sound Mixer volume slider resets to the top EVERYTIME the game is started. Volume slider resets the volume slider back to the top when going to mulltiplayer/singleplayer options. When the game loads (single player atm) sound resets again so i have to tab out, lower volume slider everytime a game is started.

Audio options in-game are saving but are only applied when the menu loads, not for the game intro at the start? Why this was deemed a good idea i have no idea. Not to mention the other issues such as having to create a profile everytime since its not saving it, WASD/ mouse isn't working also but is being "worked" upon, also can't player multiplayer but thats another "issue" being worked upon.

Fixes Needed.

Ingame audio settings need to apply the whole game GLOBALLY, from when the game is started. I don't want the intro movie to be played at full volume, because it's too loud.
Windows 7 Audio volume mixer should not reset everytime a game is started (e.g when guerilla warfare starts) or when i click multiplayer/singleplayer. Other games don't have this problem.

07-08-2012, 09:45 PM
As i wrote in another thread, i have no audio in game or menus whatsoever. But then again i am running Windows 8 Release Preview, which isn't fully supported as i understand. I hope however that this issue will be resolved in the upcoming patch, or at least in the near future. I have no other problems with the game, both my mouse and my keyboard works great. The game looks stunning in 1920x1080. I want to complement Ubisoft on a great game. Gameplay and graphics are good, and it controls very well with a keyboard and mouse i think.
Hope i get audio in the patch tomorrow! :-)