View Full Version : what we need ubi in 1.4

07-08-2012, 04:52 PM
Full Res functions for 1080p on hd tvs using hdmi! This is what a lot of gamers use now ubi its not 1990 anymore and sort the 24hz problems wiith vsync on the games unlayable with screen tearing and 3-4 min load times, no more bars on a standard PC monitor I can't play properly on both monitors i own. The graphics options need sorting as they don't stop on settings you choose, as for game glitches and bugs need addressing there's hundreds and multi is so hit and miss on connection, sort it ubi we can handle a few bugs butnwen the games unplayable due to controls and TV incompatibility there's someone who needs tocstand up and take responsibility to a major major **** up on an unplayable game