View Full Version : GamePad Config/Iron Sights-3P Zoom

07-08-2012, 04:58 AM

I have been playing with a gamepad and am kind of enjoying it(not totally sure if its viable yet but...).

I am curious if there anyway to configure the gamepad keybinds via some ini config file. If possible I want to try to "DUAL" bind the LEFT TRIGGER. The Left Trigger is already bound to zoom in with 3rd person mode WHILE HOLDING! Now why couldn't they bind the same key to bring up IRON SIGHTS/SCOPE if tapped? The Iron sights is set to "Toggle" mode anyways so it should work fine. Might be faster than having to click the right joystick. Also don't see why it couldnt be done that way on the mouse, instead of middle mouse.

If not then I like to request this be added as a feature at a later time,.