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07-06-2012, 06:12 PM
Today talked with someone of my country consumers association about the PC game Ghost recon Future Soldier and the right for demanding a refund. I hope this post is just contrstructive and as a guide for those who seek a refund .
well she told me the following; the european Consumers Asosciation; BEUC (Bureau Européen des Unions de Consommateurs) and the IC (Consumers International) declare the following:

You as a consumer who bought a product can get a refund but it depends on the following :

- the price
- the kind of product
- the kind of store
- what the seller told you about the product
- the information of a leaflet from the manufacturer or the package

When is a product not good ?

- when its not complete
- if it is damaged
- if t is broken or not doing well
- if you can not do what the seller said.

When buying a product you have rights and obligations. You are entitled to a free repair or a new product. That must, within a certain time and without spending too much bothering you.Is the product within six months broken, or within six months there something wrong with the product? The seller must prove that this is your fault. If not you have a right on a refund

Also you need to inform the manufacturer about the broken product by letter or mail, describing your complaint, and demanding them to fix it and what you are going to do in if they dont do what you ask..

the manufacturer also is obligatory to respond to the consumers about a faulty product and is required to retrieve the product from the store.

I hope this helps you guys.

On the sidenote tip you can unite and start a petition .....