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06-29-2012, 11:39 PM
Faustie recieved a new persuer,
She wasn't in her best potentials at the moment.
After blending with a moving crowd,
getting close to the Masked-Pimp and sticking her scissor through his neck,
she was identified by her persuer.
appearantly her persuer was running away from his persuer,
a chase was started between her and Bieber.
climbing onto a roof,
she decided to wait for The Bieb to climb up and get caught by her smoke.
Not this time...
At the moment she drops her smoke bomb,
Bieber teleported right in front of her,
throws a couple of punches at her tits to her jaw,
and inserts his dagger between her cleavage.
Smiling at his 100 point kill, his only kill ever in the match,
he failed to realise the on coming projectile heading towards his face.
Dropping dead cold after the water bottle thrown by his persuer killed him.


Mr. Catholic Church was in first place.
He decided to whoop out his smoke and mute combo,
because he wished to just sit back and stun.
It wasn't the right day to plan for such leisure,
he had a Doctor's appointment.
The Doctor told him he was diagnosed with AIDS due to banging too many Puttane... by force,
therefore he is coming there with an antidote for that.
Mr. Catholic Church didn't buy it,
he knew it was too good to be true.
As Malfatto approaches,
he readies his smoke bomb.
The Doctor's prospective was engulfed with smoke,
somehow it ceased to stop him from throwing HIS smoke.
The Priest's smoke wore out, and Malfatto gave him the "cure".
turns out...
it was more AIDS.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________

I don't get it... does the game hate me or something? In many occasions, the game gives me 3 persuers when I'm at 4th place.

Half the time, when I throw my smoke bomb or mute, the game goes like "No screw you, your action don't count.", and I get killed. T.T

06-30-2012, 02:27 AM
This has been a common and well-known and well-discussed problem since March last year when Ubisoft thought that by "fix matchmaking" we meant "make the game unplayable"

Where have you been hiding all this time?