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06-29-2012, 11:04 PM
Hey Ubisoft and the rest of the forums that are reading this.

I've decided to post my thoughts on the game at this moment.

I have no idea how a final game can be more buggier and work less than a beta but sumhow this does, i played the beta and i simply loved it whatever has been changed has obviously messed with my end of the game, 3/4 of the time my bullets are useless everytime i go round a corner i get sum weird bug that makes me aiming useless and my FPS is capped at a measly 15-20 FPS on any setting believe it or not i feel the game works better with DX11 and Tessalation so i run it in max since i like the eye candy with no difference in FPS even if i reduce it, i also get massive or well..used to get massive Input lag untill i went into my nividia Settings and turned Maximum pre rendered frames to 1, which fixed at least 40-50% of it, im dissapointed that this is a console port that just has DX11 enabled cause its runs and feels horrible.. i know these can all be fixed with patch updates which is why im giving the game its due credit because the beta was a fantastic experience for me.

I honestly wish ubisoft had a better launch with less bugs, i know many people have got rid of the game because of the way it feels and plays on PC im unsure bout PS3 or Xbox360, i played the PS3 Beta also but im a 100% PC Gamer and have been for many years so i cant use a controller to save my life, i just really really hope ubisoft brings out a patch soon for now i play siege cause its the only stable game mode i can get into without waiting 25 mins trying to find and connect to a game because of the unstable networks, stating that i hope ubisoft never bring matchmaking to a PC game ever again, having something as simple as finding a server through a server browser done for you..Matchmaking is useless, pointless and only causes problems for PC users, when you can host ur own server or as what iv seen under Custom: Quick Match/Host Match you can..matchmaking only gets in our way to find capable and stable games for us to play in, i reckon seige runs perfect when it comes to Stability, i went into 6 siege matches (and more to come cause its my favorite Game mode) all 6 i only got Disconnected once that was back in the menu which i thought the host left, but i rejoined after with the same match and didnt get DC again, but ended up leaving anyway because my bullets/aiming started to go weird again.

So Thank you Ubisoft and i mean that, Ive been a GR fan ever since i first played GR on the Ps2, and i hope you can get the Bugs Fixed ASAP And Good luck! Cause we all will love this game, i feel the guns are incredibly balanced I like the fact how u can be 50% more deadly by actually controlling ur shots without spraying and praying cause it only takes a few bullets to take a player down, which adds a nice feel and stealth element to the game, which is why i love Tom Clancy cause i love games where u need to be Cautious adding to that, i hate to spray bullets and games where u gotta spray bullets cause i feel its UN-authentic and unnecessary cause it just promotes players having way to much Health and therefor will take 20 bullets to take down where in this beautiful game, its about 4-5 AND HEAD-SHOTS WORK! which is lovely! Cant stand shooting a guy 2 bullets in the head.. but thank you ubisoft for bringing 1 shot to the head kills!

Have a nice day and good luck!

Over & Out..