View Full Version : An idiot's opinion...

06-27-2012, 08:02 AM
Now I'm not trying to be the voice of reason, in all honesty I'm far from it, for example up until about a year ago I thought "Analysis" was an Egyptian Godess. Anyhow, we should at least try and give them a chance to fix the problems. Any company with an ounce of intelligence will try and address issues from the community, if not, then that's pretty much tossing a WHOLE lotta money down the drain. Even though Ubi's about as popular as a skidmark sandwich right about now, we should still see what happens. They can either say "f*ck em', we have the console crowd", or they can say "let's fix this thing and get our customers back". I just think we should wait and see. I mean people are obviously furious...even the most inane rant has some element of truth to it. Now I've said my piece.....but I'm still bored as hell. Gonna go and watch What About Bob.....g'night.