View Full Version : GRFS Multiplayer Glitch: i think it is

06-25-2012, 12:43 AM
So i just bought ghost recon future soldier yesterday and apparently if you go beyond the boundaries. like it has this red skull thing and you can go past in the multiplayer levels and it makes it so the enemys cant see you at all but you can literally follow them and walk in front of them and they cant see you. you can load all youur rounds into the guy and it wont kill him. but the funny thing is you can stun them with the tazer pistol and watch them twitch on the ground lol. gl

i am in no way promoting this glitch for advantage to others players i am simply just relaying this so if other want to argue and get it patched. which i would recommend. i am not a glitcher i found this out running around the map trying to go around the objective to flank the enemy. and i was like why wont i die and why wont they die. im not even sure if its a glitch but i know when other people discover it its gonna be abused so im just giving a heads up. i have no intention to abuse this! and i dont encourage others to do it.

but is anyone familiar with this, cause if its a glitch i wanna get it patched